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Lead on Purpose

The Podcast

We’ve created the Lead on Purpose Podcast to inspire leaders to be more intentional.  Unfortunately, we get caught up with deadlines, customer issues, staff issues, and plenty of other fires throughout our day. Since we are bombarded so often, it is easy to forget the impact of our leadership on others, and the responsibility we have to inspire them to do their best work.
You will learn tangible ways to lead more effectively by listening to experts who have been there. We will interview leaders from many different industries including Corporate, Military, Non-profit, Healthcare, and more.
If you are or know someone who should be on our podcast, please Connect with us and let us know.

Mike Rutallie

The Host

Mike has led at various levels from leading teams to serving as a Board Trustee. His experience is in multiple industries including military, education, corporate, and small business. He coached multiple leaders on how to effectively build and lead their teams while instilling a strong culture within the organization.  Strategic planning and goal setting is another area where Mike has helped teams and organizations drive towards a common vision. By getting his teams focussed in the same direction, putting the right team member in the right role, then ensuring they are confident and empowered to execute, he has seen repeated success 
Helping coach and build up leaders of teams
Senior leadership assisting define and cast vision
Publicly elected Board of Education Trusee
Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology
Masters Degree in Management, Leadership, and Strategy